Sustainable development

Promoting the sustainable development of society is a priority for our company.

It requires a permanent balance between short-term and long-term interests, taking into account various economic and social factors at decision making.

In the course of our economic activities we are guided by such an important component as corporate social responsibility. It is one of the major mechanisms for achieving our strategic goals and maintaining our strong reputation in the world society

Our work is focused on protection of interests of all regarded parties:

+ Owner — by observance of their property and information rights, perfection of long-term efficiency and provision of sustainability of economic activities;

+ The state— by timely payment of taxes and fees, partnership in solving socially important tasks;

+ Consumers—by qualified delivery of goods and rendering services of required volume and quality;

+ Workers — by observance of labor rights and wage standards, provision of work places safety, unlocking professional and personal potential of workers;

+ Business partners —by diligent execution of taken upon obligations and observance of business ethics;

+ The population — by protection of the environment, local territory improvement, support for civil initiatives and the labor market development.

Kaliningrad NGLC

The main directions of corporate social responsibility of CryoGas:

Fair business practice

Creating and maintaining a favorable business climate among all participants of business processes, including suppliers, partners and clients of our company.

Environment protection and resource-saving

Reduction of harmful impact on the environment, economical use of natural resources, proper disposal and recycling of waste, organization of ecologically safe production.

Health protection and safe working conditions

Compliance with labor protection standards and provision of work place safety measures, prevention of accidents and injuries, and also timely prophylaxis of occupational diseases.

Local community development

Making a voluntary contribution to resolving issues of local self-government through mutually beneficial cooperation with the state and municipal authorities and public organizations.

Care of the personnel

Attracting, training and stimulating talented employees, applying motivational remuneration systems, providing employees with beneficial social packages, creating conditions for rest and internal corporate communication, participation of employees in administrative decision making.

General Director of CJSC CryoGas

Ryszard Rudnicki