Technological conversion to LNG

The rapid increase of cost of fuel stimulates the search for new cost-effective solutions, one of which is the conversion of quarry and dump vehicles to gas-diesel modes.


Cost-effective solutions

LNG is cheaper than diesel fuel.

Operational safety

According to the existing classification of combustible substances, natural gas is the safest type of fuel.

Ecological compatibility

Exhausted gases of gas-diesel engines exert a low impact on the environment and contain almost half the amount of toxic substances in comparison with similar petrol engines emissions.

Comfort engine work

The use of gas fuel reduces shock loads on details of an internal combustion engine, as a result, engine work becomes less noisy. More over, there is no significant carbon deposit in the combustion chamber.

+during the combustion of gaseous fuel there is practically no carbon formation in the combustion chamber;

+the rate of combustion of the gas-air medium is less than that of the vapor-air, therefore, shock loads on the parts of the cylinder-piston group are lower; engine operation is less noisy;

Cooling natural gas to a temperature of -162C compresses it to a volume that is 600 times less than usual. At conversion of trucks and quarry vehicles to LNG fuel, it is necessary to install special cryogenic tanks and evaporators (along with corresponding gas equipment). Depending on a used technology, the conversion allows to replace diesel fuel by LNG by 40% and more.

Together with partners, CryoGas offers its services for the conversion to a gas-diesel operation mode for long-haul trucks of various manufacturers and BelAZ dump trucks of various load carrying capacities.