Mobile refilling tank

Quickly and safely refills LNG vehicles.

Cryogenic container type mobile tank (MKZ) includes a kit of main and auxiliary equipment installed in the dimensions of a 40-foot metal container.

Provides LNG reception and storage, commercial accounting and subsequent refueling of vehicles.

Can be transported on a semi-trailer and used as a stationary unit at any specially prepared site equipped with a foundation, fence, power supply systems, grounding and lightning protection.


Truck semi-trailer


Length 12,192 mm,
width 2,438 mm,
height 2,591 mm.

Life time

not less than 20 years

Tank volume

20 m³

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MKZ has a certificate of conformity to technical regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU 010/2011, TR CU 032/2013, TR CU 012/2013) and meets all the standards of quality and safety of goods. Permitted to use in the country, operated metering devices are included in the state register of measuring instruments.