Reception, Storageand Regasification Systems (RSRGS)

Together with LNG supply, CryoGas provides customers facilities with the complete infrastructure for their further operation.

Scheme: RSRGS at customers facilities

1. Cryogenic tank truck (factory execution)

Gas is transported from the plant in special cryogenic tanks maintaining the required temperature.


2. Cryogenic tanks

Used for gas storage in a liquefied state at a constant temperature.
The volume of such tanks is varied (according to customers requests)

3. Atmospheric evaporators

Turn LNG from its liquid into a gaseous state.

Designed so that their capacity meets consumers requirements.

4. Gas control unit

Reduces the pressure of the gas coming from the evaporators and maintains it at the specified level, with the subsequent consumers supply. Exactly this unit odorizes gas (giving it a specific smell).

5. Consumers facilities

Any facilities that need gasification (boiler house, local gas network, cryogenic LNG filling station).

For creation of reliable gas and power facilities we carry out a whole range of necessary works: we gather input data, prepare a project, supply equipment, perform construction and installation works, start-up and adjustment, maintenance and commission complete facilities ready for operation.