In 1996 Creation of a natural gas liquefaction unit for the AGNKS-500 gas filling compressor station.


4th quater
Prionezhsky Region, Republic of Karelia

Our company, with the support of Gazprombank OJSC, has begun preparations for the construction of an LNG production complex. The developed complex will supply with natural gas not only Karelia, but also Murmanskaya Oblast.


LNG production terminal. Port Vysotsk

tons / year

The terminal for the production and transshipment of LNG, with a capacity of 660 thousand tons of LNG per year, is a unique infrastructure project that has no analogues in Russia and Europe. .

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4th quarter
GDS-2 Kaliningrad
tons / year

In Guryevsky Region of Kaliningradskaya Oblast in the immediate vicinity of GDS Kaliningrad-2, CJSC CryoGas is creating the Complex for the production and shipment of LNG with a capacity of 21 tons of LNG per hour.

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NGLC Pskov, Leningradskya Oblast

tons / year

Construction of a low-tonnage LNG plant with a capacity of 21.5 thousand tons/year, for production and shipment of liquefied and compressed natural gas.


Built oxygen pipelines and gas pipelines for the steel-making complex DSP-120 of OMZ OJSC


NGLC Kingisepp, Leningradskya Oblast

tons / year

In 2008, CJSC CryoGas completed the construction of a low-tonnage plant for the production of LNG with a capacity of 7,000 tons per year in Kingisepp. The low-tonnage production facility is created at an automobile gas filling station.

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Development of a liquefaction plant of a new generation and the creation of a liquefaction complex at the Vyborg gas distribution station.

Primorsk, Leningradskaya Oblast

Construction of the LNG gasification system as a part of the power supply complex of the terminal for transshipment of oil products in the sea port.

Priozersk, Leningradskaya Oblast

Construction of the LNG gasification system and gas pipelines intended to supply the city with natural gas. The facilities are built to the order of Lentransgaz LLC.


Leningradskya Oblast, "Igora"

Commissioning of LNG RSRGS of the popular regional resort: Igora sports and entertainment complex.


Gas supply of federal, municipal and private consumers using LNG technologies. ( Luga Milk Plant, boiler room of the hospital town of Luga)