Mini heat power stations (HPS), boiler houses

CryoGas offers complex solutions using LNG as main or reserve fuel.

1. Gas supply from our plant

LNG is supplied to customers facilities in cryogenic truck tanks.

2. Reception, Storage and Regasification System (RSRGS)

Designed and constructed at customers facilities for gas storage and operation.

3. Mini HPS, boiler house

Generates electric and heat energy directly at customers facilities.

4. Consumers

Industrial and agricultural companies that need autonomous energy generation or plant gasification.

In cooperation with partners and leading equipment manufacturers, our company offers corresponding services for the construction of boiler houses and mini-HPS based on gas reciprocating and gas-turbine plants.


In 1996, having constructed the first in Russia boiler-house operating on LNG, we made a real breakthrough in the field of alternative fuels.