The project is focused on the implementation of a fundamentally new approach to the export of Russian natural gas to European countries. It is planned to deliver LNG to regasification terminals by tankers.

The raw material basis for the LNG production plant will be Russian gas coming from corresponding fields and transported via the United Gas Supply System to the Northwestern Federal District of Russia.

The terminal construction site is located in Vyborgsky Region of Leningradskaya Oblast. This is a well developed infrastructure zone, the nearest settlement: Vysotsk, located at a distance of 2.5 km.

Structurally, the Terminal includes:

- natural gas liquefaction complex (NGLC) with a capacity of 660 thousand tons of LNG per year;

- LNG storage tank;

- branch of the main gas pipeline;

- hydraulic engineering constructions, including those of an LNG shipment to tankers berth and a port auxiliary vessels berth.

The realization of this project will significantly increase the presence of Russian energy resources (LNG) in promising European markets and, first of all, due to the increase of the share of domestic production.

The project of construction of the terminal for the LNG production and transshipment will contribute to the improvement of the environmental conditions in the Baltic Sea Region at the use of LNG as bunker fuel for marine transport.