In 2008, CJSC CryoGas completed the construction of a low-tonnage plant for the production of LNG with a capacity of 7,000 tons per year in Kingisepp. The low-tonnage production facility is created at an automobile gas filling station.

This solution allowed to comprehensively solve the problems of the land use, supply of natural gas and electric energy, creation of the corresponding engineering infrastructure, and also efficient use of the compressor equipment of the automobile filling station. Due to such approach, the capital costs for construction were significantly reduced and the competitiveness of products was improved. The low-tonnage plant was created on the basis of a high pressure natural gas liquefaction unit and a freon refrigerator. At the construction there were used cryogenic machines developed and produced by Russian manufacturers.

Products of the plant are delivered to consumers in the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation, and are also shipped for export to the Republic of Poland, Finland and Germany.