For the production of LNG it uses a specially developed technology on the basis of a nitrogen cycle with preliminary cooling by an external refrigerant, which provides 100% liquefaction of the incoming natural gas.

The created LNG complex with the mentioned liquefaction cycle and corresponding technological solutions is created for the first time and has no analogues in the Russian Federation.

The main features of the created LNG facilities are the following:

  • + especially dangerous and technically sophisticated objects;

  • + the Complex has no domestic analogues

  • + highly specific technical specifications;

  • + advanced technical and technological solutions;

  • + the Complex includes both warm LNG and cold LNG production lines.

    The supplier of the main part of the used cryogenic equipment is a leader of the Russian cryogenic machine industry, OJSC Kryogenmash. The terms of facilities construction and commissioning: 2015-2017.